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Top Tips for Hiring a Caterer

If you have a business or family gathering or wedding coming up, hiring a caterer can save you money, save you time, and save you some sanity too! The family at Lino’s has the expertise you need to make your event come off without a hitch – and, we’ll make it delicious too! Read on for our top tips for choosing a caterer, or just give Jessica, Celeste, or Kelley at call at 815-397-2077, and we’ll get your catering plan going for you.

Make a date with a caterer as early as you can. This helps ensure that you and your caterer have plenty of time to plan a menu, account for a special dietary needs, and take care of any other special accommodations. This additional time also allows you time to make a site visit and go over plans in person.

Consider booking your party on a traditionally slower day. This might not always be possible depending on your meeting or celebration, but Saturdays tend to be busiest, and Sundays the slowest.

It’s always good to meet your caterer in person (if possible). While plans can certainly be done via e-mail, a phone call or in person visit personalizes the relationship. At Lino’s, we welcome you to come in and sit with us to plan your event!

When you contact a caterer, be ready to talk about food preferences, allergies, the setting and style of service. Make sure that the catering fits the overall theme and tone you’re going for with your event. Kelley, Jessica and Celeste will listen to your wish list and help make it a reality!

Come up with a spending plan and prioritize your preferences. A budget is incredibly helpful to share, and can save time in the long run. At Lino’s, we work with you to make sure your event comes in on budget and meets your needs.

Give us a call today and let us help plan your special event!